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Mercury Investigative Services is a Private Investigator / Detective Agency located in Perth WA with a team of police licensed private investigators. We have over 21 years experience in the field and have been offering nationwide and international investigations to our clients with great success.

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Do you require an Infidelity Investigation or a Location Investigation?

Our Perth Private Investigators are highly qualified and able to provide a number of investigative services to our Perth clients, offering a seamless interaction throughout the entire investigation process. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and offer discreet investigations with a high degree of success ensuring our clients are satisfied with the outcomes at all times.

Majority of our investigations are conducted on behalf of insurance companies, law firms and corporate clients however we also provide investigations of a domestic nature, including spousal matters and child custody issues.

At the completion of a private investigation, our clients are provided with a detailed factual report and DVD of all the video evidence we may obtain during the investigation process.

Services of a Private Investigator:

Private Investigator Surveillance Investigations Surveillance Investigations

Investigating Legal Matters Litigation Support Investigations

 Infidelity Investigations

 Child Custody Investigations

GPS Investigation GPS Tracking – Asset Monitoring

Investigations in the Workplace Workplace Investigations

Location Investigations Missing Persons & Locating Individuals

Due Diligence Investigations Due Diligence Investigations

Bug Sweeps Bug Sweeping

Pre-employment Screening Background Checks

Copyright Infringements Copyright Investigations 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in the Private Investigation game for many years now and we have compiled a brief list below of all the questions our Client’s seem to ask during the initial consultation:

How Do I Hire A Private Investigator? Do We Need To Have a Meeting?

Well there are many ways it can work but most of our Clients tend to opt for a phone consultation, where we obtain all the details of the situation and devise an investigation plan. From there we can send forms to you, received relevant information and obtain a retainer to schedule the Investigation.

If you prefer face to face contact then you can schedule a meeting with Matt, the business owner, who will be more than happy to talk over your situation free of charge.

Can I Be Updated During the Private Investigation Process?

Of Course! The preference of our clients differ dramatically but generally we send photographs of what is happening on the investigation as it unfolds. If you would like to be updated hourly we will accommodate your needs and if you would like a weekly update then that is fine also. Although photographs are supplied during the updates, our Investigators are working hard obtaining video which we supply at the end of the Investigation along with a full report.

Will My Partner Know A Private Investigator is There?

Being compromised during an investigation is a major concern for our clients and we have strict protocols in place to avoid this happening. We know what consequences are involved for partners if it becomes evident you have hired a Private Investigator and we manage the risk accordingly.

How Much Does A Private Investigator Perth  Cost and When Can You Start?

Obviously the cost of an Investigation varies according to the risks involved, location and hours you require but generally we charge an hourly fee of between $80-$150 , a mileage cost of $1.20 p/km and the travel time to the investigation. Once we receive your investigation instructions and the retainer we can be on-site within the hour.

What Hours Do You Work?

The hours we work are based entirely upon your investigation – we can conduct surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that is what you need.

Whether you are an individual requiring a Private Investigator for a domestic problem, a solicitor requiring information for a client, or a business looking to minimise losses, our team of Private Investigators are here to assist you 7 days a week.

To speak with a Private Investigator in our Perth office please call 1300 120 612 to discuss your matter confidentially and for an obligation free quote. Alternatively you can email our office by visiting our contact us page.