Five Myths About Private Investigators


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Myths About Private Eyes

At Mercury Investigative Services we receive numerous calls from clients that believe Private Eyes have more powers than the Police! There are so many preconceived notions when it comes to Private Investigators. I can understand why this is the case, the investigation industry is so rarely exposed- at least in any depth. Most people have visions of a fast-paced, exotic & glamorous lifestyle…not quite. Here we have covered the top 5 misconceptions when it comes to the work of private investigators:

  • Private Investigators can legally listen into private telephone calls/texts– Absolutely not! We as Private Investigators are bound by the Surveillance Devices Act 1998, Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 & the Privacy Act 1988. These Acts clearly stipulate that no conversations can be recorded without the parties consent. So if a company claims they can do this for you then we would suggest to walk away and carry on your search for a more professional, law abiding firm.
  • Private Investigators can access bank accounts– Private Investigators cannot obtain any such thing, including bank accounts, phone records, medical or criminal records without a person’s consent.
  • Private Investigators have similar authority to Police Officers– No, Private Investigators have as much authority as the average person in the street- none, although you wouldn’t think this from the way some Investigators act. This means we can’t trespass on private property or access confidential records etc.
  •  Following someone is easy– We have numerous clients who call us after they have attempted to conduct the investigation themselves. Unfortunately it is illegal and not recommended however some people do try to cut costs where possible! Following a Subject takes years of training to ensure discretion is assured and to remain in contact with the Target at all times. It is anything but simple and can be very stressful at times!
  • Every day is action packed & dangerous– In a word no. I challenge anyone to show me a job or industry that is constantly exciting, interesting and action-packed. As mentioned above there certainly are times when the work we do is exciting and rewarding when you get the evidence you were searching for, but for every hours worth of field work completed is a written report to go with it which is often the part people forget about.

Have you heard rumors around what Private Investigator can and can’t do and would like clarification? Get in touch and we will make sure you know the truth.