Fake Injury Insurance Scams

Private Investigator Insurance Scam

Some workers will go to extreme lengths to fake an injury!

One of the most notorious was Bruce Gilbert, a con-artist who enlisted his wife to help carry out his scheme.

Gilbert was a bus driver for the Sun Coast Transit Authority. He sustained a slip-and-fall injury on the job and was declared totally and permanently disabled. Over the next 10 years, he collected $750,000 in disability benefits. Eventually, the transit authority’s insurer became suspicious. Believing Gilbert’s disability was fabricated, it sent an investigator to interview him.

When questioned, Gilbert pretended he was mentally impaired and responded in a childlike voice. His wife claimed that the injury had caused her husband to regress to the mental age of a 5-year-old. She also maintained he’d suffered a stroke.

The investigator later observed Gilbert driving, partying and playing golf with no sign of any disability. Gilbert and his wife were convicted of grand theft and workers’ compensation fraud. They were ordered to reimburse the insurer $700,000.

How do we catch insurance scammers?

Catching a scammer is sometimes as easy as getting to the job early. Our investigators generally start an assignment at 6am on the first day of surveillance and in a lot of cases this is the time people make their way to work. If our investigators are not there early enough, we may miss the boat along with the fraudulent activity!

Our Investigators set up a discreet observation point and follow these people and their every move, obtaining damaging video evidence to blow their case out of the water.

We see numerous cases where Claimant’s are receiving payments from their place of employment yet feel the need for greed to obtain a second job to scam the insurers even further.

We enjoy providing this evidence to the Insurers to make a small dent in fight against fraud in Australia. It is amazing what these fraudsters get up to when they think nobody is watching or will find out.

If you suspect someone in your neighbourhood is committing insurance fraud please visit the The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia and report the matter.

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