How Do Private Investigators Obtain The Information For You?

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A Private Investigator has a number of tools at their disposal when it comes to obtaining information on a particular individual or business. They can be involved with working cases for cheating spouses, locating missing individuals, conducting employee investigations, crime investigations or even setting up remote surveillance in the middle of nowhere.

If you are planning on hiring an investigator to acquire information, you may need to do a littles research on them to begin with; make sure you check their testimonials and customer reviews to determine if they are going to work on your case with professionalism and have the appropriate skill set.

So how do Private Investigators acquire such information?


Surveillance would have to be the most beneficial forms of obtaining strong evidence against a person. Our private investigators can be placed on cases for as little as 4 hours or up to 4 weeks but it all depends on the client’s requirements and obviously their costing requirements.

By using surveillance our investigators can gather a large amount of information about a particular individual by following and monitoring the target over an extended period. They can gather information such as a target’s work place, business relations, number of dependents, relationship status, frequently visited places and their acquaintances, to name a few.

Public records

Investigators can easily access public records. Usually, they use professional databases which combine multiple records at the same time and offer the ability to cross-reference to gain a definite result. More likely than not, you as a citizen may not be able to access such databases. The records they often use include tax records, real estate transactions, birth records, death records, voter registrations, businesses licenses and court records. After analysing the information obtained, they then present it to the client who can make a decision based on the information provided and decide on the next action to acquire the information they need.


Interviews are an incredible way of sourcing information from an individual. By no means does an interviewee have to agree to an interview but more often than not, if the right Investigator is used, they can gain a large amount of information which can lead to further leads and information that may solve a case.

News records

Contrary to what people think, not all news coverage is available on the internet and weeding out such information requires one to dig in deep into their pockets. With the help of an investigative service, you can get access to such information through services like Proquest and other media hubs that have large databases on news publications on your topics of interest which you cannot find through Google alone.

The Internet

The internet is also a credible information source for knowing about people and properties of interest. However it’s rather difficult harnessing the information since the internet has billions of pages, but an investigator with the right expertise can get their hands on such data easily using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn etc.

So What Now?

Although some of the methods used are public record and available to most people, it often involves many hours of searching to locate pertinent information on an individual. By hiring a Private Investigator you can leave the task in the hands of a professional who knows where to look and has access to far more databases than the public.

Just remember to make sure you hire a Private Investigator who is not going to take your money and leave you with a result you could have found yourself on Google. Make sure you call a reputable P.I. today!