Electronic Eavesdropping

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MIS works to protect your information, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance, keeping communications confidential and reputations intact.

Our teams of eavesdropping detection experts are deployed to premises regularly to check whether an area has been compromised.  As well as a physical search, we carry out specialist TSCM counter surveillance to uncover any active or passive devices and a telecommunications sweep to determine whether any illicit devices exist within the telephone system.

We consider who has access to sensitive areas and roles of existing staff, access to the building, vehicles and homes of senior personnel as well as phone, computers, any background transmissions and electronic noise.

What are the warning signs of illegal eavesdropping?

There are a number of signs that you should be aware of to determine if a home, office, vehicle or even a telephone have been “bugged” by someone using an electronic listening device.  The list below should give you a good idea of what to look for;

  • People know all about your activities when they shouldn’t
  • You suspect somebody has been in your home, office or vehicle without any valuable items being taken
  • Somebody taunts you about knowing your location or what you’ve been up to
  • Others know your confidential business or professional trade secrets
  • Static/unusual sounds coming from your television or phone
  • Peculiar battery usage on your smart phone
  • Your car radio has intermittent interference
  • Power sockets and wall plates in your home/office have been tampered or are slightly out of line
  • Items have appeared out of nowhere that may have a bug installed.
  • Gyprock/drywall has been tampered with and there is evidence of debris.

What do I do if I suspect I’m being bugged?

If you suspect you are being bugged, do not discuss your suspicions on the phone, anywhere near the place you suspect is being tapped. As soon as you contact somebody about your suspicion, the person that has installed the device will know and most likely cover their tracks to avoid prosecution.

Advise your security officer right away, but again, do not do it by phone. Organise a meeting in a secure place and make sure you are confident the area is secure.

Call us to conduct an on-site inspection for any installed bugging devices!

What equipment should I be looking for?

People often ask what they should be looking for when inspecting their residence or vehicles for bugs and GPS monitoring equipment. The answer is it could look like anything!

Electronic spy equipment is becoming more and more minute and sophisticated, so in reality these devices are almost impossible to locate without specialised equipment.

An example of what you could look out for is;

GSM BugSpy CamEdic BugEavesdropping Example