Investigation Prices

Investigation Prices

Prices for Perth Investigations

Fee Structure 

We believe in listing our Private Investigators costs up-front where you can get a better idea of what we charge and compare us to what other investigative companies charge, without any hidden fees.

The industry average to hire a private investigator ranges from $90 to $300 per hour and depends on what you require investigating; it pays to shop around.

Listed below are our mostly used services however if the service you require is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 1300 120612 to discuss the matter.

Investigation Costs


$80-$130 per hour plus mileage at $1.10 per kilometre and travel costs.

Spousal Surveillance & Fraud / Insurance Surveillance. Includes standard video evidence that is supplied on DVD and a full detailed report of events. We require a deposit upfront which is will be dependent upon the nature of the investigation and amount of hours required.

Undercover Business Investigations:

$125 – $300 per hour plus mileage. Frequently involves investigating employee situations where theft, harassment, or other situations may exist.

Location Investigation:

We charge a fee of $550 which involves the searching of our databases, phone enquiries and cross referencing. If further investigation is required fora particular matter then we charge an hourly rate of $70.  Verification of exact address and phone are essential to the process.

Missing Persons:

$90 per hour in-office plus reports. If the assignment requires surveillance, additional charge of $90 per hour plus mileage. Frequently requires fieldwork and interviewing of possible associates. The investigation can be extensive and prices may vary.

Background Checks:

We charge an initial fee of $300 to take on the assignment then we bill an hourly rate of $70 in-office plus reports. Price depends on the depth of background check and the time taken to compile gathered information.