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Did you know that in Australia 49.5% of all divorces involve children who are less than 18 years of age?

If you suspect a cheating partner, one of our private investigators can investigate the situation for you. A private investigator can use a number of techniques to produce evidence of infidelity. Some of the evidence our investigators can collect can include photographs, video, identification of assets and computer files.

Often when our clients approach MIS for a private investigation, they already know what is happening, they just need help in proving it and obtaining as much evidence as possible. At In Depth Investigations, our infidelity investigations can remove the unknown and provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem or set your mind at ease.

In the majority of cases it is subtle changes in behaviour that causes suspicion. You need to be 100% sure if these changes are innocent or not. In some situations you will be sure your partner is being unfaithful or at best not telling the truth to you and you just need proof before you can confront them.

Having all the facts is the only way you can confidently confront your partner and get on with your life.

Some Signs of Infidelity to Watch for;

  • Work habits have become changed; working longer and unreachable at times
  • Spending more time away from home than usual
  • Your spouse starts displaying stranger behaviour around their phone
  • Noticing that they have their phone on silent with notifications turned off
  • The change in clothing odours
  • Internet browsing history is non existent and always clear
  • Intimacy is lacking
  • Financial behaviour changes and they are spending more or withdrawing cash all of a sudden
  • They become very defensive when talking about infidelity issues


If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, please call us straight away so we can work with you to devise a plan to minimise your exposure during a divorce.

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How Do Private Investigators Obtain The Information For You?

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A Private Investigator has a number of tools at their disposal when it comes to obtaining information on a particular individual or business. They can be involved with working cases for cheating spouses, locating missing individuals, conducting employee investigations, crime investigations or even setting up remote surveillance in the middle of nowhere.

If you are planning on hiring an investigator to acquire information, you may need to do a littles research on them to begin with; make sure you check their testimonials and customer reviews to determine if they are going to work on your case with professionalism and have the appropriate skill set.

So how do Private Investigators acquire such information?


Surveillance would have to be the most beneficial forms of obtaining strong evidence against a person. Our private investigators can be placed on cases for as little as 4 hours or up to 4 weeks but it all depends on the client’s requirements and obviously their costing requirements.

By using surveillance our investigators can gather a large amount of information about a particular individual by following and monitoring the target over an extended period. They can gather information such as a target’s work place, business relations, number of dependents, relationship status, frequently visited places and their acquaintances, to name a few.

Public records

Investigators can easily access public records. Usually, they use professional databases which combine multiple records at the same time and offer the ability to cross-reference to gain a definite result. More likely than not, you as a citizen may not be able to access such databases. The records they often use include tax records, real estate transactions, birth records, death records, voter registrations, businesses licenses and court records. After analysing the information obtained, they then present it to the client who can make a decision based on the information provided and decide on the next action to acquire the information they need.


Interviews are an incredible way of sourcing information from an individual. By no means does an interviewee have to agree to an interview but more often than not, if the right Investigator is used, they can gain a large amount of information which can lead to further leads and information that may solve a case.

News records

Contrary to what people think, not all news coverage is available on the internet and weeding out such information requires one to dig in deep into their pockets. With the help of an investigative service, you can get access to such information through services like Proquest and other media hubs that have large databases on news publications on your topics of interest which you cannot find through Google alone.

The Internet

The internet is also a credible information source for knowing about people and properties of interest. However it’s rather difficult harnessing the information since the internet has billions of pages, but an investigator with the right expertise can get their hands on such data easily using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn etc.

So What Now?

Although some of the methods used are public record and available to most people, it often involves many hours of searching to locate pertinent information on an individual. By hiring a Private Investigator you can leave the task in the hands of a professional who knows where to look and has access to far more databases than the public.

Just remember to make sure you hire a Private Investigator who is not going to take your money and leave you with a result you could have found yourself on Google. Make sure you call a reputable P.I. today!





Fake Injury Insurance Scams

Private Investigator Insurance Scam

Some workers will go to extreme lengths to fake an injury!

One of the most notorious was Bruce Gilbert, a con-artist who enlisted his wife to help carry out his scheme.

Gilbert was a bus driver for the Sun Coast Transit Authority. He sustained a slip-and-fall injury on the job and was declared totally and permanently disabled. Over the next 10 years, he collected $750,000 in disability benefits. Eventually, the transit authority’s insurer became suspicious. Believing Gilbert’s disability was fabricated, it sent an investigator to interview him.

When questioned, Gilbert pretended he was mentally impaired and responded in a childlike voice. His wife claimed that the injury had caused her husband to regress to the mental age of a 5-year-old. She also maintained he’d suffered a stroke.

The investigator later observed Gilbert driving, partying and playing golf with no sign of any disability. Gilbert and his wife were convicted of grand theft and workers’ compensation fraud. They were ordered to reimburse the insurer $700,000.

How do we catch insurance scammers?

Catching a scammer is sometimes as easy as getting to the job early. Our investigators generally start an assignment at 6am on the first day of surveillance and in a lot of cases this is the time people make their way to work. If our investigators are not there early enough, we may miss the boat along with the fraudulent activity!

Our Investigators set up a discreet observation point and follow these people and their every move, obtaining damaging video evidence to blow their case out of the water.

We see numerous cases where Claimant’s are receiving payments from their place of employment yet feel the need for greed to obtain a second job to scam the insurers even further.

We enjoy providing this evidence to the Insurers to make a small dent in fight against fraud in Australia. It is amazing what these fraudsters get up to when they think nobody is watching or will find out.

If you suspect someone in your neighbourhood is committing insurance fraud please visit the The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia and report the matter.

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Private Investigator Video

Mercury Investigative Services has been working on a short promotional video for our website!

If you require services of a Private Investigator please contact us on 1300 120 612 to organise a free consultation.

All investigations are confidential & discreet and we are leaders in the industry with services nationwide.


Cheating Partners

At MIS we are often asked who we receive more phone calls from, regarding infidelity investigations and the answer is… Equally by men and women!

Cheating Partners

Signs of Infidelity

  • Work habits have become changed; working longer and unreachable at times
  • Spending more time away from home than usual
  • Your spouse starts displaying stranger behaviour around their phone
  • Noticing that they have their phone on silent with notifications turned off
  • The change in clothing odours
  • Internet browsing history is non existent and always clear
  • Intimacy is lacking
  • Financial behaviour changes and they are spending more or withdrawing cash all of a sudden
  • They become very defensive when talking about infidelity issues



Partner Infidelity


Private Investigator Perth | Infidelity

Infidelity | Private Investigators

How would you react if you found out? People react differently in these situations and we have heard a few horror stories of revenge! We often wonder what happens to relationships after we provide our clients with the evidence, as most investigations involve a quick hand over of the DVD and report. It would probably not be ideal to provide a follow up call or ask for feedback at the conclusion of the investigation…

Five Myths About Private Investigators


Private Investigator Perth | Myths

Myths About Private Eyes

At Mercury Investigative Services we receive numerous calls from clients that believe Private Eyes have more powers than the Police! There are so many preconceived notions when it comes to Private Investigators. I can understand why this is the case, the investigation industry is so rarely exposed- at least in any depth. Most people have visions of a fast-paced, exotic & glamorous lifestyle…not quite. Here we have covered the top 5 misconceptions when it comes to the work of private investigators:

  • Private Investigators can legally listen into private telephone calls/texts– Absolutely not! We as Private Investigators are bound by the Surveillance Devices Act 1998, Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 & the Privacy Act 1988. These Acts clearly stipulate that no conversations can be recorded without the parties consent. So if a company claims they can do this for you then we would suggest to walk away and carry on your search for a more professional, law abiding firm.
  • Private Investigators can access bank accounts– Private Investigators cannot obtain any such thing, including bank accounts, phone records, medical or criminal records without a person’s consent.
  • Private Investigators have similar authority to Police Officers– No, Private Investigators have as much authority as the average person in the street- none, although you wouldn’t think this from the way some Investigators act. This means we can’t trespass on private property or access confidential records etc.
  •  Following someone is easy– We have numerous clients who call us after they have attempted to conduct the investigation themselves. Unfortunately it is illegal and not recommended however some people do try to cut costs where possible! Following a Subject takes years of training to ensure discretion is assured and to remain in contact with the Target at all times. It is anything but simple and can be very stressful at times!
  • Every day is action packed & dangerous– In a word no. I challenge anyone to show me a job or industry that is constantly exciting, interesting and action-packed. As mentioned above there certainly are times when the work we do is exciting and rewarding when you get the evidence you were searching for, but for every hours worth of field work completed is a written report to go with it which is often the part people forget about.

Have you heard rumors around what Private Investigator can and can’t do and would like clarification? Get in touch and we will make sure you know the truth.



Private Investigator Entrapment



Private Investigator - The Art of Entrapment

Private Investigator Entrapment

Although Mercury Investigative Services do not offer this service, an Australian based company has utilised a sexy Private Investigator to help clients catch their cheating spouse in the act.

When a client calls asking to prove that their partner is cheating, do you think it is right to set them up using an Investigator resembling a temptress?

Meet Bond, Tiffany Bond, former debt collector, security officer and undercover prostitute, now a private investigator specialising in infidelity.

This Investigator has conducted hundreds of clandestine operations to assist the clients in obtaining the ‘smoking gun’ in order to confront the spouse with the irrefutable evidence.

By using hidden cameras, knee high boots and a short skirt, this Investigator managed to get the evidence the client was so desperately seeking.

What do you think? Would you hire an Investigator to seduce your spouse?

Affairs and what to look for.

Cheating Wife

Think you have a cheating wife? Has there been a few changes in your marriage? Perhaps the way your wife’s behaviour has changed, which is out of character? Below we have compiled a list of the top signs of a potential cheater;

Behaviour – Often the daily routine of a cheater changes around the time that an affair is taking place. This can be a way to confirm an affair, although there are numerous signs which will often occur simultaneously, to remove the areas of doubt. Behavioural changes such as leaving for work earlier, wanting to spend more time with ‘the girls’ and generally just trying to minimise the time spent with you, can be a good indication something is not right.

Personal Appearance – Often, a cheating wife will want to get into shape and lose weight, thus making her more appealing to men. Therefore, if you notice she is seriously dieting or spending significant time in the gym, specifically if this were something she normally did not do, you could be suspicious.

Finances – If you notice your wife spending money on frivolous things, dining out more, or making credit card purchases for small gift items, you might ask why. You may also become concerned if receipts are found that are out of character for her.

Mobile Phone Clues – Often a cheating wife may spend more time on the phone and want more privacy whilst doing so. An increase in wrong numbers or peculiar behaviour when taking a call, may also be a good indication of an affair. Also look to see if she guards her phone more carefully from the possibility of you seeing a text she’s received.

Sex – A common change with women who are cheating is that they are no longer interested in sex with the husband. When intimacy does occur, she may be more experimental or seem completely distracted.

Home/Car Clues – You may find that the wife is keeping the car/house cleaner than usual, removing infant seats or you may find things that you may not necessarily find such as clothing, cigarette butts, alcohol etc.

Why should you hire a professional private investigator?

Many people hesitate to hire a professional because they consider it a breach of trust. They question their own judgement and worry about being wrong in their suspicions. The only way to overcome this problem is to hire a private investigator to look into the matter. Here’s why you should consider it:

  • Unbiased opinions – Most clients in these situations can’t be objective and often react impulsively. Private investigators will listen to what you have to say and take time to understand your suspicions before they offer their honest opinion on the matter. That’ll help you make the decision of whether you want to proceed with the investigation or not.
  • Thorough investigation – Our private investigators for suspected cheating wives, or girlfriends will dig deep and explore every avenue to determine if your partner is cheating on you. They’ll track her movements, look into her social media interactions, speak with people she’s been in contact with, and take other such steps in order to get all the details they need. You can’t carry out such a thorough investigation yourself and your personal involvement with the situation might hamper your judgement so it’s best to let someone else handle it.
  • Proof – If you intend to confront your partner over the infidelity, you need to make sure you have some evidence to back your claims. This allows you to focus on the facts during the discussion instead of focusing on accusations and speculation. Some couples recover from infidelity when they have an open discussion over it and decide what they need to do with their relationship together.

When you have access to all the information and evidence needed, you can take steps to protect your interests and decide whether the relationship is salvageable or whether you need to just let it go.

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Do you know what to look for?

Cheating Husband

Affairs and their signs.

An affair can be either physical or emotional and can have a drastic effect on the intimacy and overall dynamic of the relationship.

An emotional affair is an affair that often begins with an innocent friendship, and although lacks physical intimacy, includes an emotional intimacy that can be just as damaging.

The signs of an emotional affair are just as telling as those of a sexual affair, but they may be a bit more subtle.

If you think your man may be having an emotional affair, here are some signs to watch out for and some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not your man is having an emotional affair.

1. Excessive or inappropriate time spent with someone else

Does your man spend an inordinate amount of time with another woman and confide in her more than he does with you?

Does he share intimate emotional feelings and have secrets with this woman that he does not share?

Has your man been investing emotionally with this other woman more than he does with you and your relationship has suffered because of it?

2. Deception or secrecy

Does your man try to downplay the amount of time he spends with the other woman or does he lie about spending time with her?

If you answered yes, it shows that the emotional affair has reached a level where your man believes he is doing something wrong and needs to conceal it. If the relationship were an innocent friendship, there would be no reason to lie about it.

3. More concern about physical appearance than usual

Does your man spend extra time getting ready before meeting up with the other woman? Does he exercise more than usual, buy new clothes, or change his appearance to be more attractive to the other woman?

In many emotional affairs, there is an unspoken attraction to the other person. His concern about physical appearance may show that your man wants the emotional connection with the other woman to turn physical.

4. Withdrawal and lack of affection

Has your man been acting more withdrawn and preoccupied than usual? Does he avoid engaging in activities together?

Does he spend longer at work than usual to avoid spending time with you or to cover up time spent with the other woman?

Does he lack interest when you initiate physical contact and avoid initiating contact with you?

5. Increased phone activity

Does your husband obsessively anticipate phone calls, texts, or emails and deny you access to his phone? Does he carry the phone at all times and talk or text often? Does he lie about who is calling or texting?

Have you noticed that the phone bill is higher than usual this month?

6. Increased fighting

Has your man’s relationship with the other woman caused a strain on your relationship, causing you to fight more often?

Does he start fights about trivial things and make you feel like you are always wrong? Have you gotten into fights about how much time he’s been spending with the other woman?

7. Emotional triangle

Has your man tried to keep you from spending any time with the other woman? He may be caught up in an emotional triangle that is only known to him. If this is the case, he may be trying to prevent you from seeing her to keep you from finding out about the impact of the emotional affair.

8. Denial

When you ask your man about his relationship with the other woman, does he insist that they are just friends? Does he refuse to admit there is anything inappropriate about the relationship?

He may actually be in denial that there has been an affair at all because of the lack of a physical relationship with the other woman.

When Does Friendship Cross The Line Into An Emotional Affair?

A close, intimate friendship with another woman can evolve into an emotional affair. Although there may not be a physical affair, the emotional intimacy can be of such an intensity that it is just as damaging to the relationship as a physical affair.

When your man develops an emotional connection with somebody else, that detracts from the intimacy that rightfully belongs in your relationship. When the emotional connection with the other woman starts to have a negative impact on your relationship, that is when it has crossed the line into an emotional affair.

There may be a thin line between a healthy friendship and an emotional affair. If you confront your man, he will likely insist that they are just friends and say it should be okay to have a friend of the opposite sex.

Having friends of the opposite sex is perfectly acceptable, but it is when he starts going to the other woman to get fulfilment that he is not getting in the relationship that the friendship has crossed the line.

Emotional fulfilment and intimacy is very important in a relationship, and when your man is going outside the relationship for it, that’s when you can classify it as an emotional affair.


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