Background Investigation

A Background Investigation is a relatively simple and cost effective way of minimising risk for a company or individual.

Mercury Investigative Services utilises a broad network of information brokers and a large number of public record facilities to conduct a thorough, precise investigation. We use Investigators whose talents are unsurpassed with a large array of specialised services.

Background Investigation







We are experienced in addressing the investigative needs of today’s businesses and understand there are numerous people posing with qualifications they do not have and undesirable intentions when creating certain partnerships. We are confident that we can provide your company with the same quality and guidance in the investigative arena and these services can be provided nationally through our affiliate networks.

Workplace Interview







Background Investigation Expertise:

  • court case preparation and testimony
  • evidence collection and processing
  • insurance fraud
  • white collar crime
  • accident investigation
  • interviewing
  • corporate security consultation
  • surveillance
  • service of process

If you would like to discuss a matter you need help with please don’t hesitate to call us on our friendly staff on 1300 120 612.

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