Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody





Often parents want to know if their children are being cared for appropriately. Due to the increasing number of family separations and divorce, children are often the ones that endure hardship. By conducting a child custody investigation we can make sure your child is in safe hands.

MIS has been engaged in child custody issues which involve:

• Teenagers associating with the wrong crowd

• Children being exposed to situations where drug use is involved

• Teenagers being dishonest when informing their parents where they might be staying

• Separated parents who want to know their children are being adequately cared for by step-parents

MIS has utilised surveillance in these cases, which has provided peace of mind to parents and information that has assisted them in the course of parenting.

Do I need a child custody investigator?

Though separations are never easy, child custody investigations aren’t always necessary, but you need an investigation if:

  • You are concerned about your child’s safety. If you believe your spouse is unfit to care for your child for any reason, a private investigator can potentially prove your allegations with objective, legal evidence. In a divorce case, where tensions are high and accusations are made, hard evidence may be necessary to protect a child from an unhealthy environment. Ultimately, an investigator will work with you to keep your child away from an abusive situation.
  • You want peace of mind. If you are unsure if your spouse is fit to care for your child, an investigator can legally look into their background, habits, and parenting style in order to prove or disprove their ability to meet your child’s needs. Reliable evidence will not only stand up in court but will provide you the comfort of knowing your child is safe.
  • You have been falsely accused of abuse or neglect. Especially in court divorce cases, one parent will sometimes make false accusations in order to limit the other parent’s access to their child. A private investigator can gather evidence of proper conduct and ensure you adequate time with your child.