GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is the ability to locate and monitor a vehicle from anywhere in the country provides our clients with reassurance & peace of mind. Whether it’s monitoring a child you have concerns about, who is a newly qualified driver or a large fleet of company vehicles, we offer a range of devices that can be deployed to vehicles within seconds.

Our devices use GPS/GSM positioning to offer direct reporting 24/7, no matter where our clients find themselves in the world. Movements can be monitored from a desktop at the office, or your mobile phone whilst out shopping. With the ability to receive text message alerts and set zones, you can rest assured you will be notified when the device moves.

GPS trackers are a cost effective way of monitoring a vehicle or asset, and can stay in situ providing information for as long as you feel necessary.

Private Investigator GPS Tracking


Our private investigators work within the relevant state and federal laws and to a strict code of conduct. The use of GPS trackers are completely legal providing you own the vehicle and it is made clear the device is monitoring the driver’s location.


Our devices can be used to monitor personal or company vehicles, providing real time information on the location. Another popular use for our GPS Trackers is  as a safety system for newly qualified drivers, allowing concerned parents or friends to identify the driving style of a newly qualified driver. This can give peace of mind or the chance to educate the new driver and provide guidance if needed.

  • Lone Worker Tracking Systems
    Sometimes it is necessary for an employee to work alone or in an isolated situation. Having the ability to monitor the employee’s location and provide them with a panic button system allows employers to provide a duty of care to their employees.
  • Nanny GPS tracking system / Child GPS tracking system
    At MIS we understand your children are your most prized possession. Having the ability to monitor their location and movements using a gps tracker with the current global threats and uncertainty provides you with reassurance and peace of mind.
  • Asset GPS tracking systems
    Our gps tracking devices can be attached to large assets or placed within parcels or briefcases. The gps devices can travel globally with the ability to be placed into flight mode making the GPS trackers safe to travel on aviation platforms and your assets to be located globally at any time.