Infidelity & Spousal Matters

MIS is an industry leader when it comes to cheating spouse investigations and as a result of our success, a large number of our enquiries are cheating partner investigations. We understand how sensitive these investigations can be to those who are involved and it is our goal to provide our clients with answers to the questions which can haunt them.

It is not our goal to destroy a relationship. When it comes to infidelity investigations, our paramount goal is get to the truth – whatever that may be.  We recognise that every case is different and involves it’s own set of unique circumstances.

All of our investigations come with a detailed activity report and a DVD of all activities exposed of the subject.

If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, please contact us and we can discuss your case confidentially on 1300 120 612.

Signs your partner may be cheating

Private Investigator Perth | Infidelity

We have put together a brief list of things you should look out for if you suspect your partner is being unfaithful — first you need to get the facts from one of our professional private investigators, and only then will you know for sure.

  • Altering habits— If your partner begins to change their habits and you know something isn’t right, they very well could be having an affair. By keeping track of their behaviour and making notes, you will be able to establish if it is actually happening.
  • Strange Phone Behaviour— If your partner becomes more and more possessive of their phone, you could be onto something. Watch for internet history being deleted, silent ringtones, notifications being switched off and possibly even a second phone being hidden from you.
  • Excessive overtime and absences— Many of us have to work overtime every now and then, but has your significant other been working late with high frequency and not much of an explanation? They may have even started leaving home earlier in the morning without eating any breakfast.
  • Less intimacy— Although this could be an obvious sign, some people just brush it off because they trust their partner. Be aware of a partner’s excuses about having intimacy and start to develop a diary so you can be aware of the lack of intimacy.
  • Strange Financial Behaviour— Most partners won’t be silly enough to use a joint account to visit hotels or buy flowers so be aware of cash withdrawals that go unexplained and become more frequent.

Get in touch with MIS and we will get the facts and evidence you need to make an educated decision for what’s best for you and your family.