Trademark Investigations

Trademark Investigations Trademark InvestigationsTrademark Investigations are usually conducted to determine whether or not a competitor is selling inferior products against a trademark of a particular item. We have conducted numerous investigations in this field which has exposed the businesses of interest.

Not only have our clients been affected by lost revenue in many cases but the products that have been sold/used by competitors have been copies which may not comply with Australian Standards.

Our Private Investigators have conducted many trademark investigations of this nature which usually involves entering a business as a prospecting client and determining what stock they are carrying. From there we can determine which products are breaching our client’s trademarked items and obtain evidence using covert techniques.

Once we obtain the evidence, our clients are able to confront the offending business which stop the sale or use of the items, eventually leading to increased profits for our clients.

Why get in-depth trademark usage information via a Trademark Investigation?

  • Determine date of first use to establish priority
  • Goods or Services Offered
  • Channels of Trade & Scope of Use
  • Obtain infringing product samples through our nationwide network of Investigators. We control each purchase made on your behalf to ensure complete chain of custody documentation and admissibility.
  • Verify compliance with existing licensing agreements or cease and desist warnings.
  • Identify infringement with certainty through a broadly based investigation covering many sources, including our own specialised databases, websites, discreet telephone contact and commercial database searches of public records. Our contact, conducted within a suitable context to maintain anonymity, may uncover further leads to be pursued by our investigators until a complete picture is prepared, such as contacting manufacturers, distributors or retailers to determine details of product distribution.

If you require a Trademark Investigation please contact us and we can discuss your case confidentially on 1300 120 612.

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