Workplace Investigations


Mercury Investigative Services has conducted numerous investigations involving employee misconduct within a company. We are often approached by companies who suspect a member of their workforce is involved in illegal activities or at least have been identified in productivity issues.

Workplace Investigations can involve employee theft, drug use, absenteeism and workplace accident fraud. MIS has had a great degree in success in identifying these employees, offering evidence to our clients to assist with the management or termination of their employment.

Our private investigators are highly skilled operatives who are experienced in delivering cost effective investigations with a high success rate. We can use a number of investigative techniques including GPS tracking, covert cameras and undercover investigators.

If your company is experiencing any of the issues below please call us now for a free on-site consultation:

  • Productivity issues from an employee
  • Believe your employee is falsifying an injury report
  • Notice an employee is taking excessive sick leave
  • Become aware that an employee may not be truthful about their whereabouts when off-site
  • Require a background check

Why Investigate?

In many businesses, the need for investigations will be quite common. The following are the main reasons why investigations become necessary:
  • if you become aware of possible conduct by an employee that may justify disciplinary action or even dismissal if it is found to have occurred, for example a breach of an organisation rule or policy, or illegal conduct
  • if an employee lodges a complaint about the behaviour of another employee, for example concerning sexual harassment, bullying or micro-management
  • under the new provisions of the Fair Work Act that commenced on 1 July 2009, if an employee claims that he/she has a ‘workplace right’ and/or he/she has been subjected to ‘adverse action’ in connection with that right.
Examples of incidents that must be investigated include allegations of theft or fraud, fighting, harassment, drug-taking, breaches of safety provisions, damage or misuse of company property (eg vehicles, computers), discrimination, contravening workplace rights, etc.
An investigation has two purposes:
  • to determine whether alleged incidents actually occurred
  • to identify and take account of any mitigating circumstances of the alleged incidents.
 The bottom line for management is: only act on the basis of provable facts, not hearsay or suspicions, and be able to justify every action you take.

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